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About Garden Spas

If you are looking for energy efficiency, quality and powerful hydrotherapy for a small space, then look no further than Garden Spas, by Artesian.  Garden Spas are uniquely designed to fulfil the ever increasing demand for a high quality hot tub that will suit a smaller garden.  Whether it be a small outdoor space, terrace or personalised spa room, this range of hot tubs will not disapoint.  For those who have access problems, two of these models have been designed to fit through a standard doorway.

The Garden Spa range consists of 6 unique designs:

The Hydrangea and the Iris, our beautiful 4 person hot tubs.  With 27 jets, a totally customisable massage and a choice of open seating or a relaxing lounger, they are the perfect space saving family spa.

The Hibiscus, Camellia and Azalea are our 2 person hot tub designs.  Each with 21 jets, foot jets and double loungers, they suit most couples looking something just for them.
Finally, the Gardenia, our single person hot tub, offers a powerful hydrotherapy experience, just for a single user.

Standard Features

Stainless Steel

Elegant, glimmering accent and corrosion resistant.

Powerful Jets

High powered jets deliver deep muscle penetration for an effective massage. The unique design delivers an active massage even through static jets.

Ergonomic Design

Comfortable, ergonomic seats are placed at varying depths to accommodate different spa users.

User-Friendly Controls

The dashboard layout of the spa controls makes it easy for users to control the spa while bathing.

Construction & Plumbing

The Garden spa’s leak-resistant plumbing is comprised of superior high-quality flexpipe and hoses.

Maintenance Free Cabinet

Our optional synthetic PermaWood spa cabinets are lighter in weight than wood and also more resilient and durable.

Spa Cover

The ASTM Deluxe safety cover adds insulation value and protects your spa. Relax, safe in the knowledge that your spa is being kept safe and insulated.

ArcticPac Insulation

This double-layered insulation system features a reflective sheet of bubble-foil lining the inside of the cabinet, combined with a coat of Icynene™


The standard Garden Spa warranty period is 12 years for the structure, five years for the surface, one year for electrical and plumbing defects and one year for the cabinet.

Optional Features

Full Foam Insulation

Full foam insulation is used between the cabinet and the shell for optimum heat retention and unparalleled plumbing security.

Ozone Water Treatment

Use of ozone means that fewer harsh chemicals are needed to keep the spa water clean.

LED Lighting

The LED lighting system is a part of your total relaxation package. It illuminates the texture and detail of the spa’s interior, highlights the cabinet and sets the mood.

Garden Spa Models


Seating Capacity 1
Size 76″ x 40″ x 30″ 193 x 102 x 76 cm
Water Volume 120 gl 454 lt
Weight (dry/filled) 250 / 1,250 lbs 114 / 567 kg
Jets 15
Pump 3.0 BHP 2 SPD
Power Req 230V 13 or 20 AMP


Seating Capacity 2  
Size 76″ x 46″ x 32″ 193 x 117 x 81 cm
Water Volume 125 gl 473 lt
Weight (dry/filled) 398 / 1,441 lbs 180 / 655 kg
Jets 21
Pump 3.0 BHP 2 SPD
Power Req 230 V 13 or 20 AMP


Seating Capacity 4
Size 78″ x 60″ x 30″ 198 x 152 x 76 cm
Water Volume 200 gl 757 lt
Weight (dry/filled) 400 / 1,868 lbs 181 / 847 kg
Jets 27
Pump 3.0 BHP 2 SPD
Power Req 230 V 13 or 20 AMP


Seating Capacity 2
Size 70″ x 70″ x 30″ 178 x 178 x 76 cm
Water Volume 225 gl 852 lt
Weight (dry/filled) 435 / 2,315 lbs 197 / 1,050 kg
Jets 21
Pump 3.0 BHP 2 SPD
Power Req 230 V 13 or 20 AMP


Seating Capacity 2
Size 76″ x 58″ x 30″ 193 x 147 x 76 cm
Water Volume 190 gl 719 lt
Weight (dry/filled) 477 / 2,064 lbs 216 / 936 kg
Jets 21
Pump 3.0 BHP 2 SPD
Power Req 230 V 13 or 20 AMP


Seating Capacity 4
Size 78″ x 78″ x 32″ 198 x 198 x 81 cm
Water Volume 295 gl 1,117 lt
Weight (dry/filled) 465 / 2,927 lbs 211 / 1,330 kg
Jets 27
Pump 3.0 BHP 2 SPD
Power Req 230V 13 or 20 AMP
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