Platinum Elite

About Platinum Elite Range

Behind Artesian’s Platinum Elite spas graceful lines lies the most powerful, energy efficient and sophisticated system ever devised for moving and controlling the flow of water in a spa. This personalized DirectFlow control system moves more water volume through the jets with greater power and adjustability than any other spa in the industry. Our patented Helix Jet System produces a powerful rotating pulsing action, giving you a soothing, luxurious hydro-massage unlike any other. Simply stated, you will not find a better performing, more therapeutic spa anywhere.

Standard Features

DirectFlow™ Controls

Allow the spa user to control the level of massage pressure by conveniently adjusting the spa-side control.

Halo Helix Jets

Ground-breaking Helix jets deliver deep muscle penetration for an effective massage. The unique Helix design delivers an active massage even through static jets.

Ergonomic Design

Comfortable, ergonomic seats are at varied depths to accommodate different spa users.

Control Panel

The dashboard layout of spa controls makes it easy for users to control the spa while bathing.


Listen to the soothing sound of falling water while you relax with the beautiful AquaSerene.


Let warm water flow over your neck and shoulders with the pillowfall. Perfect for neck and shoulder pain.

Kingwood Cabinets

Platinum Elite Spas come standard with maintenance free cabinets that are more durable and lighter than wood.

Construction & Plumbing

The Platinum Elite’s leak-resistant plumbing is comprised of special high-quality flexpipe and hoses.

Standard Spa Cover

The ASTM Deluxe safety cover adds insulation value and protects your spa. Relax knowing your spa is being kept safe and insulated.

Titanium Heater

This Smart Titanium Thinktemp Heater fine tunes your spa to the perfect temperature, is corrosion resistance and provides long-term durability and reliability

Crystal ProPure Ozone

Combines the Ozonator, Dynamic Injector, and the ProPure Mixing Chamber. All components work together to create an innovative water purification system.


Full foam insulation is used between the cabinet and the shell for optimum heat retention and unparalleled plumbing security.

Circulation Pump

The use of switchless motors insures the longest pump life of any spa on the market. Virtually failure-proof switches are used in the Platinum Elite Spas, instead of pressure switches.

PermaBase ABS Pan

The Platinum Elite spas are perfectly fitted with a tough, rigid ABS thermoplastic base pan. Completely waterproof and weather resistant, this base protects your spa from the ground up.


The standard Platinum Elite warranty comes standard with lifetime for structure, seven years for surface, five years for electrical and plumbing, two years for Kingwood cabinet.

Optional Features

Advanced Oxidation

Combines the Nature2 option, Microfiltration, high efficiency Circ Pump, UVC, Ozone and a ProPure Mixer to create the  most advanced oxidation process (AOP) for water purification.

Nature2 Water Purification

Silver minerals are used to naturally destroy bacteria and algae in your spa, which means that fewer chemicals are needed.

Rock Cabinets

Our optional synthetic Rock spa cabinets are lighter in weight than wood and also more resilient and durable.

DynaBrite LED Lighting

The addition of a beautiful LED lighting system to your spa illuminates the texture and detail of the spa’s interior, and the spa’s cabinet.

Sound System

Complete your spa experience you can choose between the Premium Infinity Stereo System by Harman, Infinity Bluetooth Stereo or the Poly Planar Marine Audio System.

WiFi App Module

Use your smart phone to change your spa’s filtration and temperature settings.

ProGuard Spa Cover

The heavy-duty ProGuard spa cover adds insulation value to your spa and is particularly important if your spa is exposed to extreme cold.

Platinum Elite Models

Dove Canyon

The Dove Canyon has a dedicated lounger fitted with dual rotating foot jets and calve massage. The high-flow, adjustable jets offer multiple variations of hydro-massage options. You can enjoy a relaxing get-away any day of the week right on your backyard.

Seating Capacity 6
Size 91″ x 91″ x 38″ 231 x 231 x 96 cm
Dry Weight 1050 lbs 476 kg
Filled Weight 5010 lbs 2272 kg
Water Capacity 475 gl 1,798 lt
Pumps (5) 3 bhp pumps
(1) 24 hour circulation pump
Controls (5) DirectFlow™

Piper Glen

Hydrotherapy has been shown to reduce aches and pains with a combination of powerful massage therapy and heat. Loaded with sixty seven high-volume, sophisticated massage jets and four full-therapy seats, the Piper Glen certainly offers the ultimate spa experience. With five different controls for massage seats, everyone can relax with just the right amount of pressure without diverting water from other seats.

Seating Capacity 7
Size 91″ x 91″ x 38″ 231 x 231 x 96 cm
Dry Weight 1050 lbs 476 kg
Filled Weight 5260 lbs 2,386 kg
Water Capacity 505 gl 1,911 lt
Pumps (5) 3 bhp pumps
(1) 24 hour circulation pump
Controls (5) DirectFlow™

Pelican Bay

Designed for large families, entertaining friends or those who just like to spread out and move around, the Pelican Bay offers the most space a Platinum Elite spa has to offer. This spa features an astonishing sixty nine high-performance jets and five individual controls for the massage seats. The Pelican Bay’s size does not sacrifice therapy or performance for the sake of size.

Pelican Bay was winner of the WhatSpa? Best Buy award for 2010. WhatSpa? is dedicated to preserving the integrity, professionalism, and quality of the hot tub industry. For a spa to win this award, it has to be high quality, backed by an excellent warranty, and have an excellent price in accordance with the features. Artesian Spas is proud that Pelican Bay has won this prestigious award!

Seating Capacity 8
Size 108″ x 91″ x 38″ 274 x 231 x 96.5 cm
Dry Weight 1,100 lbs 499 kg
Filled Weight 5,685 lbs 2,579 kg
Water Capacity 550 gl 2,082 lt
Pumps (5) 3 bhp pumps
(1) 24 hour circulation pump
Controls (5) DirectFlow™

Quail Ridge

Bringing hydrotherapy into your routine can improve your health, relieve stress, and improve blood circulation. The Quail Ridge offers a dedicated lounger with arm rests and a dynamic and super-massage foot jets. Four massage seats are featured with jet configurations that are sure to fit any need and powerful massaging jets. With a size that fits through most exterior doors, this spa is perfect for small spaces and indoor use.

Seating Capacity 5
Size 91″ x 79″ x 35″ 231 x 200 x 89 cm
Dry Weight 860 lbs 390 kg
Filled Weight 3,736 lbs 1695 kg
Water Capacity 345 gl 1,306 lt
Pumps (4) 3 bhp pumps
(1) 24 hour circulation pump
Controls (4) DirectFlow™
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